The purpose of the HenthornFamily Wiki is to provide a place where people with an interest in the surnames that researcher, Richard E. (Edson) Henthorn has worked on can meet and share information about the genealogy of our respective families. As of 4 December 2014 Richard begam a paid subscription to WikiSpaces at the Plus level.

At the time of the creation of this Wiki the founder had no experience with wikis. Therefore, this will be a mutual learning experience. Your contributions and comments are encouraged.

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I'd like to make the HenthornFamily Wiki a place where we can share genealogy information about our families. Won't you join me by contributing some of your information?

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Early Evidence

Check the above link for: Henthorn, Watson, Jackson, Jennings
The Henthorn surname is mentioned on four pages in the above link.

Bibliography & Reference Materials

Because researcher, Richard E. (Dick) Henthorn's interest in genealogy includes several collateral families (such as: Conger and Yoho) this Bibliography isn't limited to information about the HenthornFamily.


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