Created by Richard E. Henthorn

Some of these Ahnentafel Charts may not pertain directly to the Henthorn family.
Estel Ault
Estel Ault

Female Jones - daughter of Paul R. Jones & Betty Lee Noon

John Ferdinand Tischer

Wylda Myrtle Ross
Ulysses Grant Ross
Robert Lemoyne Ross

Esther Laverne Foggin

George Arrington Romick

Male Clegg - son of Chester G. Clegg & Myrtle R. Brannen
Blaine Lamarr Clegg

Unknown Truax - child of Ray C. Truax & Edna Mae Henthorn

Peter King, Jr.

Female Baker - daughter of John Lawrence Baker & Vera Marie Huffman
Isaac Jackson Baker

Charles W. Fisher

Sylvester Morgan

Dora Ethel Drum
Dora Ethel Drum
Vernon Eddy Drum
Female Drum - daughter of William Carl Drum & Sarah Quintilla Myers

Donald Ray Henthorn
Dora Edna Esther Henthorn
Living Henthorne - child of Raymond Leisington Henthorne & Ethel Pearl Fankhauser
Charles Atkinson Henthorn
Gander & Henthorn
Deming Owen Henthorn
Robert Henthorn

Mary Catherine Kyger

William K. Kirkpatrick

Dorothy Chalmers Baldwin
Emanuel Wilbert Baldwin

Harry Clark Eikleberry

Jane Evelyn Catcott

Ralph Evan Guilinger

Vivian Felicia Pugh

Mary Bell Shaw

Frank Lowe Watson

Charles Augustus Erlewine

Charles Yoho

George Boughner

David Lindsey Stine

Ralph Wilford Moose

Charles Ollom

Jane McCoy

Charles Atkinson Conger
Elbert Conger

Noah P. Buskirk, Dr.

William Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson

James C. Walton, Dr.

Female Schafer - daughter of Franklin Frederick Schafer & Grace Florence Suter

Minnie Irene Martin

Silas Austin Dean

Isa Charlene Young

Alton Paul Yeater, Sr.

Earl D. Stiles

Created by Other People

Phoebe (Conger) Allen
Abigail F. "Abba" Yoho
Caroline Beall Conger
John Henthorn
Paul I. Yoho
John Henthorn & Nancy Jane Garverson