Monroe County, Ohio


Older Cemetery Reports

Here are links to three cemetery reports in HTML format that I created several years ago for six surnames.

Henthorn(e) & Hinthorn(e) Burials
Where some Henthorns are buried

Yoho Burials

Where some Yohos are buried

Conger Burials

Where some Congers are buried

New Cemetery Reports - May 2017

These cemetery reports were created using information in my RootsMagic file, named, pafyoh.
The reports are in the PDF format and show cemetery information based on county names.
There are three columns in the report.
  1. Surname, Given
  2. Death Date
  3. Cemetery location and cemetery name

The reports are sorted by: Surname, Given Name, Date of Death.

There are a total of 10,943 burials listed.

Monroe Co., OH - 1101 people, 27 pages
Washington Co., OH - 151 people, 4 pages

Greene Co., PA - 679 people, 16 paages

Marion Co., VA/WV - 1650 people, 38 pages
Marshall Co., VA/WV - 2010 people, 45 pages
Tyler Co, VA/WV - 729 people, 17 pages
Wetzel Co., VA/WV - 4623 people, 103 pages